The company Fast Medical Service (FMS) was founded, in 1988, from Mr. John Mersinias with intention the needs of technical coverage in the sector of  medical equipment.


It had been observed, that, because the particularly high cost of maintain an in-house technical department, or because lack of representation, there was existed a big gap in the technical coverage of medical appliances. So many instruments, that have direct relation with the life of patients, were remaining without maintenance.


Thus it was decided to be created an independent, purely technical company, which could serve other companies (constructors and representatives), providing for them the coverage, that they do not have, with small cost, or direct the end users (hospitals, diagnostic centres and private individuals doctors), which have "orphan” equipment. The step was pioneering for that specific moment in Greece.


The company was employed with excellently specialised personnel, acquired wide range of customers and became the technical collaborator of most hospitals and institutions, of the country. Today, the name of Fast Medical Service is identified with the qualitative technical support in the sector of health.


Except the purely technical support, the activities of FMS were extended also in other sectors, as the development and publication on issues in biomedical technology as well as the construction of special original appliances.


The permanent extension, but also the need to remain in close distance from the most of the  Hospitals in Athens, imposed the transport of company, to the road of 7 Monis Petraki str. in Kolonaki


In the recent years, Fast Medical Service is on a period of dynamic growth in all the sectors, as:


    Technical representation of many manufacturers and distributors.


    Covering area all over Greece and abroad (Balkan and Middle East), allocating a wide customer list.


    Undertaking complete technical coverage, of hospitals, with the creation and operation of local biomedical department.


    Offer qualitative services, according to the standards of ISO 9001:2008.


    Upgrade of its labour space and technical infrastructure as well as complete computerization of its files.


    Equipped with new, state of the art, verified, measuring equipments and tools for repairs.


    Employed with new specialised personnel, for the coverage of the increasing needs of workload.






Providing services of technical support.

Specialisation in the medical equipment.




1.  Manufacturers

2.  Companies

3.  Hospitals (Public and Private)

4.  Diagnostic centres

5.  Private individuals (Surgeries etc)




1.  Greece

2.  Europe

3.  M. East





The Fast Medical Service, offers the following services intent at a complete and excellent technical cover:


  • Localisation and repair of damage in instruments (electronic and electromechanical).


  • Maintenance (preventive) and quality control of appliances with precision measurements, with verified measuring equipment.


  • Installation (and relocation) of medical equipment.


  • Upgrades and modifications of appliances, when this is possible and according the rules of safety and the directives of the manufacturer.


  • Using of special systems in cases of not existence of specialised personnel.


  • Technical support of laboratory personal in implementation of experimental work.


  • Technical support of doctors in congresses and speeches.


  • Education of operators of instruments.


  • Demonstration and teaching of operation in medical equipment.


  • Technical advices and solutions of problems.


  • Studies and proposals for supply electro medical equipment.


  • Development and publication of work on biomedical technology.


  • Constructing of special, prototypes and devices (Those Does not exist In the Market) accordingly always with the directives of safety and quality.




    For the complete coverage of the needs of the customers, the technical services are provided, according every case with the following ways:



It concerns visit of technical personnel, after notice from the customer in the place of installation of the equipment, close to the headquarters of the  company in Greece or in the abroad and confrontation of the subject on the spot or even transport of the equipment to the service centre of the company, if this is essential and feasible.



It concerns the follow-up or even use of the equipment with continuous staying of the technician, in the place of installation, for as long is judged essential by the customer.



It concerns the preparation of annual contract of periodical preventive maintenance and control for one or more equipments, with standard number forecasted regular and extra visits according to the directives of the manufacturer’s manuals.



It concerns the proposal of contract on the complete technical coverage of a hospital or clinic with the constitution and operation of a Biomedical Technology department and the continuous availability of technical personnel.




  • Policy of Fast Medical Service is the combination the immediate and fast service with the biggest possible quality of the provided services. This is achieved with the  following:


  • The company is employed from experienced and educated personnel which apart from the basic study of electronics and computer systems has been specialized in Greece and in the abroad from various medical equipment manufacturers. There is also continuous training via seminars and bibliography.


  • The service centre of the company is completely equipped with modern, state of the art and verified measuring equipment, for precise measurements and special tools for repairs.


  • For each serviced equipment, is kept an electronic file with its history as well as the parts used.


  • For each intervention is granted a written report, if this is desirable.


  • After each intervention is granted a certificate of good operation if this is desirable.


  • The company allocates sufficient number of technical personnel, as well as transport ways (personnel and equipments) for immediate approach. It also ensures fast transportation in any point of Greece.


  • It is possible the call and admission of a technician within 24 hours the day even in the weekends via pager for urgent incidents.


  • Incidents are faced in all Greece and in the abroad.


  • The operation of the company is based in procedures conforming to the quality handbook. FMS since 27/5/2008 has the quality certificate according to the international standards ISO 9001:2008.







The good operation of FMS is based mainly on the irreproachable collaboration of its personnel. This is achieved with the following:


  • With the invigorating of the idea that all, the personnel are collaborators and partakers moral and materially in the successes.


  • The growth of spirit of companionship and friendship between the personnel.


  • The continuous briefing of all on all the subjects that concern the work


  • The overlapping of all the places and departments despite the specialisation of each member in different sector.


  • Policy of company is the combination of the immediate and fast service of a customer, with the biggest possible quality of services, provided in the lower possible cost. This has as a result, the ensure of the best functionality and the bigger possible life time of each medical appliance.





  • The establishment of the company in the central point of Athens, in sort distance from the majority of the hospitals.


  • The disposal of sufficient number of technical personnel.


  • The disposal of transport vehicles for the personnel and equipments.


  • The guarantee of fast transportation in any point of Greece.


  • By keeping safety personnel in 24 hour base, all the time, included the weekends and holidays. The possibility of call via pager in 24 hour base.


  • The quality of the services is achieved with the following ways:


  • The operation of the company according to the quality standards of ISO 9001:2008.


  • The adoption of the idea, from all the personnel, that the offer of qualitative services contributes in the unhindered operation of hospitals, with impact in the Health and Recovery of patients and this is a decisive factor for the reservation , conservation and attraction of new customers, the improvement of conditions of work, the avant-garde of the company  concerning the competition and the coverage of the high specifications that the market places.


  • The briefing of personnel in all the quality issues, as the handbook and the quality procedure of each instrument and appliance


  • The attendance of personnel in the development of quality procedures as well as the acceptance of criticism and indications for optimisation by all.


  • The continuous vigilance and inventiveness for the maintenance and betterment of quality level as well as the follow-up of new rules and data in this sector.


  • The engagement of excellently educated and capable personnel but also the continuous training for the new medical equipments and technologies