*      Since  4/11/2009  Fast Medical Service became official service centre for repairs of APEKS diving regulators.

Maintainance and control for one year and repair, control for two years, first - second stage, with the authentic spare parts of the company and the safety of maintainance of medical instruments.

Issue of certificate for good operation and safety

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    Fast Medical Service has already the possibility of checking and of giving certificate of good operation and following instruments:


1.   Intraaortic Balloon Pumps <>

2.   Heart Lung Machines <>

3.   Monjtor ECG <>

4.   Defibrilators <>

5.   Electrosurgery <>

6.   Spirometers <>

7.   Electrocardiographs <>

8.   Vaporizers <>

9.   Oxygen –Air Gas Mixers (Shechrist blender)


  Always according to the specifications of constructors with our djakrjvome'na bodies.

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         Fast Medical Service acquired the certificate of quality ISO 9001:2008 <>



         Fast Medical Service  likes to inform you that various Internet sites (Websites) dispatch Illegally and without any authorisation of our company, mass electronic messages (Spam Mail) making use entire or part of our official E-mail address …@fastmed.gr <>


Those Messages have the following form (name)@fastmed.gr and have aim the Promotion and Distribution of pharmaceutical products doubtful quality and safety via internet drugstores (OnLine Pharmacy, Drugstore).


Those products are sold WITHOUT Medical Recipe and they do not have the certification of E.O.F(Greek FDA) consequently do not provide any safety and are extremely dangerous for the Health <>


Company Fast Medical Service HAS NO ANY relation with this illegal activity and CONDEMNS


If you become recipient of such electronic letter (E-mail) form that it would refer in such type internet transactions and markets of bringing characteristic …..@fastmed.gr (entire part of this) We request you to inform us as well as the following responsible beginnings.


Greek Organism of Medicines (E.O.F)

Institute of Consumers (JNKA)


Prosecution of Electronic Crime <>